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Our Beginnings

Lester S. Fawcett worked for the John B. Turner Funeral Homes in Cedar Rapids and decided in the summer of 1939 to move his family back to Winthrop. With his wife, Louise and their two children, Dorothy and Lester C., they opened the Fawcett Funeral Home 1/2 block north of the present location and moved it to its permanent location, one year later.
Lester was born and raised in Independence, IA and Louise Gates Fawcett was born and raised on a farm near Winthrop; so when they came to open the town's first locally owned funeral home, it was really "coming home". The following year, seeing the need for a furniture store, Lester and Louise opened the Fawcett Furniture Store in the building just north of the current Winthrop Post Office. The furniture store was moved to the corner of Madison and Third streets, its present location, a short time later.

At Fawcett's Furniture Store, we specialize in providing our customers with a wide selection of affordable home goods and home decor. We’ve helped the people of Winthrop add style and creativity to their homes. We take pride in our wide variety of top-quality, affordable products.

Our knowledgeable staff is experienced in finding the perfect items to inspire our customers. We promise something for every taste and style. And our prices can’t be beat, so come check out our selection!

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